By Shar Smith…

Mediumship has come a long way in recent years, with help from ‘celebrity’ mediums on TV demonstrating how they connect with people in spirit. Movies in the 90’s such as ‘Ghost’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’ helped it to gain popularity and become mainstream. Mediumship has gone from being old ladies hiding behind a crushed velvet curtain with a crystal ball, to the fashionable Tyler Henry ‘The Hollywood Medium’ on the E network. Now is a great time to learn how to develop your mediumship skills, with endless courses and workshops to choose from. But can everyone become a medium?

Are you born a medium or can anyone be taught?

Many people don’t even realise that they have natural mediumistic abilities. They may have had spooky experiences during their life, but just thought everyone goes through something similar. Some people are so scared of the mysterious things that they saw, felt, or heard as a child, that they buried the memories deep inside themselves, forgetting that it ever happened. I believe it’s a bit like any skill. You know the kids at school that were just natural at math? They just seemed to get it and went on to be engineers or accountants. Other children could pass the subject but had to get ongoing tutoring and work really hard. They just weren’t natural at it. Natural mediums can remember that they have this unusual gift, by taking some time to recall the strange experiences they had in their younger years. Everyone has psychic abilities and can improve their clairs through commitment and practice, though mediumship may not be as straightforward.

This is how I figured it out

I didn’t know that I was a natural medium until I was into my 30’s. Looking back now, it seems so obvious, but when you’re in the middle of trying to find your life purpose, things get a little hazy. As a teenager, I spent years waking up during the night with people in spirit standing at the end of my bed (yes, I see dead people!). My little chihuahua Joey tried to protect me by barking at them. After a few years I did eventually stop seeing them, but by then I was scared of the unknown and very keen to be a normal teenager. Life goes on but you can only repress this gift for so long. If you’re meant to use your mediumship skills in this life, Spirit will find a way to remind you! For me, it was in my dreams. I would dream about having conversations with people who would tell me they were deceased and what their life was like. After a spiritual awakening and a lot of soul searching, I started to remember and embrace my gift.

So let’s check out 10 signs which show that you are a natural medium:

1. You are sensitive to everything – being sensitive to Spirit, unfortunately, means that you are sensitive to this planet as well. Do you have food intolerances, can’t handle perfumes, and get a lovely skin flare up when you touch chemicals? Your sensitivity is a gift and a challenge. It is very important as a medium to reduce the toxins in your body that you are sensitive to, so it can really help to eat an organic diet and drink filtered water.

2. You suffer from glandular issues – maybe you have a thyroid condition or adrenal fatigue? The spirit world uses your glands to connect, which is why many mediums are overweight and tired. They have been unknowingly burning through their glands while connecting with people in spirit. Self-care practices including a good diet, lots of rest, and things like yoga, are a must for mediums.

3. Growing up you saw some strange things, particularly when you were alone – people in spirit know when a medium is around and will try and make a connection, even if you’re a child. Children are generally more connected to the spirit world as it hasn’t been long since they were there themselves. Maybe when you were a child you saw people in spirit in your bedroom or heard them talk to you. Night time may have been quite eventful and you may have opted for a nightlight for many years.

4. Your favourite genre of movies and books is the paranormal – whether it is books about UFO’s or TV shows about ghosts, you thrive on understanding the supernatural. What were your favourite shows when you were a child? Were you the child reading about going back in time and watching the movie ‘Poltergeist’? It’s no accident, this was a sign of things to come! I loved the TV show ‘Touched by an Angel’ when I was growing up (and I still do!)

5. Dreaming about dead people – this is very common amongst mediums who aren’t using their mediumship skills in their waking life. For some mediums, they will feel people in spirit drawing near as they are falling asleep, while for others, spirit people will appear to them in their dreams. They might want to tell you how they died or their name when they were living. Rather than it being a message to communicate to someone that is living, it is often a sign to embrace your mediumship skills in your waking life.

6. Your blood relatives see unusual things as well – being a natural medium is hereditary so if your mother, grandfather or aunty tells you paranormal stories about what they see (or saw as a child), it’s a good indication you may also have the gift. It’s common for family members to have repressed that side of themselves and have forgotten all about it, until you have a chat on the topic, or they have a spiritual awakening.

7. You get woken up during the night – this is particularly common for developing mediums when they are opening up. People in spirit may notice the medium and take the opportunity to make contact during the night. If you’ve ever woken up suddenly and felt like you’re being watched, you might just be! Don’t worry, no-one in spirit can hurt you, but it might be time to set some firm boundaries with your Spirit Guides about when you want communication from those who have passed.

8. No fear of death – even from a very young age, you had an understanding that death is not a big deal so there’s no reason to fear it. Maybe you decided to work in an industry such as aged care or emergency services, as you knew you could help people who were transitioning. You might be the one everyone turns to when there’s a death in the family as you have a natural ability to guide others through grief.

9. Always seeing things – weird sparkles out of the corner of your eyes, a blob of white mist, something flying into the corner of the room that is not really there. Often people in spirit can look like haze. If you regularly look around the room and think to yourself, “what was that?”, maybe you don’t need your eyes checked, you’re just a medium!

10. You are jealous of mediums – this may seem obvious to some or strange to others, but this is a strong sign you too could be a medium. There is a reason why you watch a medium on TV and get that feeling of envy, or you go to get a reading from a medium and get a flutter in your stomach telling you that you could do that too. Jealousy is a gift that helps to point you in the right direction in life. If this is happening to you, take it as a sign.

So you’ve checked off nearly everything on the list and realised, WOW, I could be a medium after all. So now what? It takes a lot to go from being a natural medium to working as a professional medium. It can take many years to fine-tune your skills while doing lots of self-development work. The best mediums really understand how their mind works and how to work with their ego voice. They have healed as much personal baggage as possible so they are a clear channel for Spirit, and have built a strong relationship with their Spirit Guides.

Know that if you have this natural ability, you are meant to use it in some way. There are no accidents! Maybe it is so you can become a professional stage medium. Perhaps it is so you can be an excellent palliative care nurse. You may use your mediumship to help your family through the death of someone very close to you all. If you have this exciting and unusual skill, now might just be the time to embrace it, and take the first step in what can be an amazing process of self-discovery and transformation. How are you going to use your gift?


Shar “The Maverick Medium” is a psychic-medium who is passionate about all things spiritual, and is a graduate of Anna Sayce’s Akashic Record Reading Program. She loves to connect with people all over the world offering readings on Skype, and providing information on her blog and YouTube channel, with topics ranging from ghosts to finding your life purpose.