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Where Does Your Soul Come From?

I have received lots of questions about ‘soul groups of origination’ – namely what are they and how they are relevant, so I thought I’d answer them in a blog post – it is a fairly interesting (albeit wacky) topic in itself.

If you don’t believe that you have a soul, then this information will be of no interest to you at all. However, if you’re reading my blog, I can probably assume you believe you have a soul, that’s to say, a part of you which is timeless – you can call this your spirit or Higher Self or soul.

Where does your soul come from?

We all come from Source or the Creator – we are all Source energy in physical bodies. When we’re fresh from Source, we are nurtured and prepared for our very first incarnation. We then choose a place of incarnation.

Some souls choose straight away to incarnate on Earth. But some souls choose to begin their first incarnation in another star system, like Sirius or the Pleiades, just to give a couple of well-known examples. Those who have experienced their first incarnation elsewhere are called star travellers or ‘star seed’.

Why does your first place of incarnation matter?

All star systems work with different types of energies. For example, in the Pleiades, they work with fiery energies – the energies are speedy and dynamic. When we incarnate in any given place for the first time, the energies of that star system or planet become a part of our energetic blueprint and we carry those energies forward into all subsequent incarnations. So if you experience your first incarnation in the Pleiades star system, you will become imbued to some extent with those fiery energies and you will express those in all subsequent incarnations, no matter where the incarnation is. You will inspire others with your dynamism and ‘just do it’ attitude. And it actually becomes part of your purpose to contribute those special soul-level energies in places where they are needed.

Am I a star traveller?

Star travellers are fairly easy to spot. They are quite different from those souls who have only ever experienced Earth incarnations. According to my guides, about 22-23% of the Earth’s population are star travellers.

Star travellers tend to:

  • Identify as light workers – they know on a deep level that they’re here to contribute their special energies and gifts to raise the vibration of Earth and to raise consciousness
  • Feel out-of-place and as if they don’t belong, especially if they’re mainly around Earth souls
  • Often feel dissatisfied with the state of our planet – they know there is a better way, because they’ve experienced and lived it
  • Feel connected to the spiritual realm and motivated in their spiritual development, to some degree or other

Basically, star travellers are different from Earth souls because they come in with an entirely different perspective (and agenda).

There are over twenty different soul groups. Each group has a collective past which governs their challenges, their Achilles heel and their gifts and strengths. It can be very validating to know why you feel as you do, why you are good at some things and find other aspects a challenge. It’s good to know your strengths so that you can focus on those, instead of beating yourself up for your weaknesses, which so many people do.

The thing about soul groups is that it all sounds really weird and a lot like something from Star Wars. I remember when I had a reading with my teacher a while back, she told me my soul group of origination which is Sirian. Half of me totally identified with the very specific information she gave me about my Sirian identity, and half of me was thinking ‘this woman is telling me which planet I’m from and I’m believing her, I need to get my head checked out by a doctor’. I also thought that lots of people feel out-of-place and as if they don’t belong – some of the information initally seemed too general. Only half of me actually believed that I was a star traveller soul, or even that such a thing existed.

It was only later on, when I started giving readings that I saw that clients identified time and again with their soul group of origination and the traits associated with the soul groups, general and specific. It is an amazing thing to experience, which has truly given me confidence in the veracity of the soul group information that is available to us.

How do we know about the soul groups?

Representatives of the different soul groups have been present on Earth since time began and some people remember where they came from! Plus many of the soul groups have been channelled. More recently (as in, within the last thirty years or so), an American named Arlen Bock channelled some very specific information about soul groups and passed it on to his students who saw certain traits and patterns in the various soul groups that they read for and further expanded on the information.

How can you find out your soul group?

– Book a reading with me or with someone else who can read your Akashic Record.

– Read Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul by Susann Taylor Schier. This book is designed to help you to work out which soul group you belong to, as you read the descriptions and see what resonates with you. Not all of the soul groups are featured in the book, but the most common ones are.

– Do some research on the soul groups and then meditate on it. See if you feel a connection to a particular star system (however, be aware that not all of the information you find on the internet about star groups may resonate – it’s up to you to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t!)

Despite my initial skepticism, the topic of soul groups has become my favourite topic to write about and learn about. It’s so fascinating to learn more about the history of the different soul groups on Earth and to see which groups have incarnated when and where in different periods of history. For example, right now the Indigo children who are arriving here in hoards belong to one soul group in particular.

It’s also interesting to see who the souls are around us. I attract only star travellers into my practice. Around 90% of my clientele comes from one soul group in particular (the Blueprinters), which is amazing because there are so many different soul groups incarnated here. However, in my personal life, I attract a wide range different soul groups (all star travellers).

Do you know what soul group you belong to? Or have something to add to this? Please leave a comment below!


  1. I remember reading about the Nihal star system (or a similar name I can’t quite remember if I got it right) and that resonated on a certain level. I wish I could afford a reading so I could find out, but the moment I can, I’m going to let you know! 😛

    I can’t say that I’ve ever felt the earth “could” be better – I just accepted how bad things were (if complaining about it counts as “accepting”).

    Maybe the above is just wishful thinking, but that’s my experience. I’d be interested if you ever write anymore about these star systems!


  2. Hi Zora,

    I do get a Nihal vibe from you. But I couldn’t say for certain without looking into your record. I am familiar with the Nihals – my brother and two of my best friends are Nihal souls.

    Nihals are lightworkers and Indigo children. But from what I’ve seen they aren’t as driven to change the world as the Sirians or some other soul groups are.

  3. I would also like to know what star system I am from. I have been wanting to connect with lucid dreaming and channelling recently and I don’t know where this will take me. I’ve been connect a lot to the channellings of Orin by Sanaya Roman. I love their books so much now. They’re truly masterpieces.

    I found this post really interesting as I have read a bit about this in this thread on a forum called Noble Realms: http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic.php?id=5679

    I also feel a bit alienated from society at times. Like reincarnation – like duh that’s a fact! We don’t just die when our body dies. Although I have yet to astral project or prove to myself that it’s true. And I want a career that I love. I don’t want to be working at some company doing something that is just useless in my opinion.

    In the future I hope to get a reading from you Anna. I’m also familiar with the Akashic records. Akasha is an energy that is the originator of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. But it’s interesting how you can access the records.

  4. I have learnt from you that I am of Sirian origin. You confirmed what I felt and what I was told by someone else. I felt like a star traveller since maybe 1995. I suddenly woke up and new that earth was not my home planet, but also I knew I had no other home planet, but that my home was the other side of non-physical existence.

    I feel quite a drive for change always, a change for the better in relations, functioning of things, better results, though I also have patience if I feel it will just take 12 months more or so or years.

    Actually my core essence made it difficult for me to create a sort of close relationship though I have a huge amount of friends. But now I find out I want to help those around me but it is difficult to find someone who would help me at all with my issues.

    So Anna, thank you very much for beeing supportive, explaining all to me in detail and just be of a great help.

    By the way I feel I have been living on many many many planets. Dont know what that makes me??

  5. “Around 90% of my clientele comes from one soul group in particular” which one is that? Why do you think they approach you?

    It’s funny you posted this because it resonates with how I’ve been feeling about the soul groups. I enjoyed the reading/info you sent but it felt a little too sci-fi.

    Also if most of the people you are coming across in your readings as well as your personal life are star travellers, is there a way of knowing that some souls are Earth souls?

  6. Yang – thanks for posting, that forum looks very interesting!

    Julius, my fellow Sirian, it’s a pleasure reading for you 🙂

    Mahreen – I mainly get Blueprint Deliverers, which is unusual because it’s just one little sub-group and other practitioners I know read for a variety of soul groups. I’m not sure why I get mostly Blueprint deliverers. Maybe I’m supposed to be doing some research and learn more about this soul group.

    There are loads of souls who are native to Earth, but I don’t really have relationships, professional or personal, with many of them – like attracts like, I guess.

  7. Interesting! Where can I learn more about different soul groups? Your reading was very insightful…the problem is what does one do with the insight ? It feels wasted if I don’t take action.

  8. Mahreen – I would begin by reading Susann Taylor Schier’s book ‘Soul Mastery’.

    The point of the soul groups is to know what values/strengths are part of your soul blueprint, once you know you what those inherent strengths are, you can manifest more opportunities to use them/choose activities which allow you to use them.

  9. To Anna:

    Thanks for the reading! I just found out that I am a combined Blueprint Deliverer and Technician. I laughed out loud when I found out that most of your clients are Blueprint Deliverers! 🙂 I have to admit that I felt a strong gravitational psychic pull towards you at the time I decided to get a reading from you.

    Just a question: How many of your Blueprint clients are of the combined type like me? Is this combination rare or common? Also, what does identification with two subgroups of Blueprinters imply? I am not sure if this dual identity explains why I have mixed heritage. I am pure Chinese with 1% British ancestry, but I was born in the Philippines, and I live in Manila today.

  10. I think it would be great if you can write a separate article about Blueprinters. It would be a big help to us. Thanks.

  11. I wonder what makes the Blueprinters that special ?? compared to other soul groups as I have met two of them and its possible build up incredible connections with them. Or is it just coincidence as I have met the two in an other time frame before.

  12. I just had a memory of a few years ago, looking out to the stars and realising/thinking I wasn’t born here. I dismissed it, but it’s strange how that came up.

    I’m going to try get a hold of soul mastery, but I’d really love it if you could give us more information about the star groups as well. 🙂

    And what’s a Blueprint Deliverer?

  13. What is the difference between
    Blueprint Deliverer, Originator, Designer, Translator?
    And where do they come from? Other universe or just source with special mandate?

  14. I doubt that the Blueprinters are any more special than any other soul group, but as a Blueprint Deliverer myself (thank you Anna!) I’d love to see an article about them too… Only if you have time, of course:)

  15. Actually I believe Blueprinters to be real special persons. The Blueprinters I have met really impressed me in their own way.

    @Fiona: Congrats to your soul group!!

    Dont know if Blueprinters are as troubled as Sirians – as for Sirians there is quite a potential for frustration if things develope not fast enough though they have brought in the best intentions and efforts.

  16. Thanks Julius.:) I wish I knew some Sirians personally (though maybe I do and don’t know it)…Then I’d surely be able to return the compliment!:D

  17. Nina – In the past, I’ve not had many combinations, like BP tech/deliverer. But lately I’m getting a few more of these combinations.

    And I have to say, I’m not so sure about the link between the double soul heritage and your Earth heritage. I’ve not really encountered that as being important in a reading.

    Fiona – Thanks for your comments! It would be interesting to write an article about the Blueprinters, but it’s a fairly specialized topic and therefore would appeal to few people. I guess I could write a post about the different ways that the Blueprinter mandate is reflected in people’s lives, careers and sense of purpose and the Blueprinters who frequent this blog could contribute via the comments and give their experiences.

    I’ll do that if there is enough demand for it (i.e. more than a few people.)

    Julius and Zora – I’d recommend you read Susann Taylor Schier’s book ‘Soul Mastery’ – as she gives a good idea of what these soul groups are about. There’s really too much to say about them to do them justice here!

  18. @ Anna: I have received the book this week and it is really good, only that it seems to classify Blueprintere a different way. So one of my friends is a Bueprint designer and this type is not in the book, or is a Blueprint designer a Blueprint originator or deliverer? I really wish to know.

  19. Hi Julius, Blueprint designer is a separate group. I was taught about this soul group, but Susann obviously doesn’t know about it or for some reason chose not to include it. It’s quite possible that this soul group was discovered by my teacher or by my teacher’s teacher, fairly recently.

  20. OK, thank you Anna for the information.

  21. I feel like I am partly a Blueprinter myself. I am so much drawn to Blueprinters.

  22. Hello lovely travellers…I have very much enjoyed reading these comments. I have known for quite a while that my purpose is to help others and to bring light to earh….but it hasn’t really occurred to me that I originated from another galaxy, dimension or universe. I very much feel the outsider for so many reasons on the earth plane as I experience most people as quite limited and without spiritual ambition. I am constantly learning about being in the now (wonderfully peaceful) and work consistently at detaching (and fighting!) my ego. I used to work with people very closely with energywork and breathwork. I paint now. I look forward to learning and connecting more. I send you all love from Australia.

  23. Interesting and seducing article.

    To find out our place on earth or even more amazing out there !
    I have to say that Marx was wrong we are not all the same. However, illusions are made of dreams, and dreams are just in all human beings as many star are in the firmament.

    Now, if you are from Sirius and I am God what else can we do to make a change for this world (general)?, this is the last chance for many…,(but not for earth).

    All those teachers and people who told you that information, shouldn’t be them leading the world and not those that uses all “living forms” as WC for their handicap existences? Now, that’s where I am aiming to…

    You are doing a great job “STAR-TROTTER”!!! Keep on riding and I promises always be there to watch for your soul, and others.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts. I know you will have them after my words. 😉

    PS. Sorry for grammar still new here 🙂

  24. I just bought the Soul Mastery book after reading about it here Anna, it arrived yesterday and i got it out of the pkt and opened it and burst out crying. And I think all that stuff is like star wars lol. Seems another part of me knows more than my mind does. lol

  25. Hi Kate, hope you enjoy it!

  26. I don’t have the money or ability to get a reading or a book at this current moment in life, but I have a feeling I fit in with this topic and article very well.

    I was wondering, are there specific ways to just know without seeing someone to figure out their origins? Or at least some of the basics to them? I’ve been doing my research on the groups, but I’m still a bit “frazzled” on figuring myself out.

  27. Hi Anna
    Am reading your articles for the first time and must admit, they are truly inspiring and very practical. am a light worker myself, in the field of Reiki. i too know about origins from different soul groups. Myself i am from a star constellation called “Ursa Major” but am trying to pinpoint the exact area in that system. i am pulled more to the “alkaid” star. Nevertheless, am very intrigued to find many fellow star travelers getting in touch with each other and conversing with each other. i always felt out of place and abandoned until now 🙂 many thanks Anna


  28. I was a longtime student of Arlen Bock and his newsletter for 10 years. Of course also Ann Brewer, Vanessa Ralston through April Myrick. I do this work everyday. It is hard for most of us to exactly duplicate the understanding or application of ANY shamanic processes, even enlightenment processes. We are all special ! Some with records, some with energies, etc. As more and more of us practice the presence of the truth of that which we are, without harm, judgement, ego…we get to enjoy the bounty that is the All. It is quite a journey playing hide and seek with the ever manifesting ONE.

  29. One more comment. Have you noticed the intense activity toward the phenom. I can only describe as “walk in” or “soul shifting” during the last 6-7 years ? Ask this..
    (Since I KNOW you KNOW how to do this asking)
    How many beings have been in the body since birth ?
    I am not talking about posession, two soul contracts, etc. I am saying complete soul exchange, one walks out, another walks in. Just food for observation, since that is what we are doing when we ask what we are asking.

  30. Hi Anna,

    I came across your page after doing a basic search for “Sirian” within soul-traveling groups. I had mine done recently and was told that I also was a Sirian!

    For many years, I have felt like I don’t belong in my family, like I am the “black sheep,” if you will. Not because I was the family “let down,” but because I felt I was different. Also, I have always said to myself that I know I am “in” this world, but not “of” this world. I am very gifted spiritually. I was told by the same person who told me I was Sirian, that my gift to bring to the world was one of helping people over to the other side when they pass. Tremendous news!

    I’ve always had an attraction to the stars. Not in decorating and such, but things dealing with the stars. Finding out about star-traveler souls really cleared up a lot for me!

  31. Well well.. here I am again. Love your website by the way. For some reason I feel drawn to your website.
    Might the reason be for this is that I am a Blueprint Designer ? 🙂
    But I have a question for you Anna, I also feel I am an Indigo child/ Indigo adult (in 20ties now).
    These are two different soulgroups right ? Is it possible that I have both in me or am I just delusional? 😉
    With kind regards.

  32. Hello all,

    I have just landed on this website so i have been reading the posts since the beginning. As far as I am concerned, I am a reiki master and since 2years have been regulary taking soul reading sessions. Apparently am a Blueprint deliverer, from Sirius…like many of you, deep inside this information resonated with me, when it was told to me, the first time.

    I would appreciate some more info about the Blueprint delivers, if any of you have something on this…am at a juncture in my life where am reflecting on my life’s purpose…etc?

    I understand some participants to this blog has written an article on the Blueprint delivers? any further info on this? THANKS SO MUCH!!

  33. As far as an origin, I’m not sure I have one. I tend to have this uncanny sense (Overwhelming to this physical mind at times) that I have seen and done everything there is to see or do…. Go figure.

    A drifter of sorts I suppose.

  34. Ever get any Hadarians? I suspect not, as last year I wanted to get a session with you, but after my 2nd message with inquiries, you stopped writing to me and some time in the past year you unfriended me on Facebook ;). I had a session with someone else who told me I am from Hadar. I’d guess that you attract what you want, and repel what you don’t want.

  35. Hi Melanie,

    I have worked with a few dozen Hadarians over the past few years.

    I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your message last year – I have no memory of it, so not sure why that was! Perhaps it never got to me?

    Please don’t take the Facebook unfriending personally – I also unfriended several hundred of my readers at the same time and it was with good reason. I’ve been on Facebook for 7 years (joined at University) and so it was mostly friends and family that I had on there. Then readers started adding me, and I thought fine, it’ll be fun to interact with readers on Facebook. But it all got too much – I had readers leaving me messages, crowding out friends and family, some of them were pestering for free readings. I also had people I didn’t know posting messages of abuse on my wall when I didn’t respond to requests for free readings or advice – all because I had let on people I didn’t know personally. It was quite upsetting & annoying at the time and so I decided that I would have to delete everyone I didn’t know personally to stop it from happening. Now I keep facebook only for those I know.

  36. HI, I went to life regression session and founs that I did not have one. Instead, I was being, no body that I could see, floating in a dense viscous starry sky. I was utterly happy. The regression coach asked me if I was feeling frightened but I said no and he said what do you see and I said stars. How do you communicate he said and I said we transmit. I was also aware that I could move fast, very fast if I wanted to but it was not movement that I knew, as in forward but more backwards and acceleration. He kept trying to get me on earth but I told him I had tried but there was a ring around it that I couldnt get through. He asked if I contacted earth and I said that sometimes I sent waves across it to help. I then started crying and repeating SUN, SUN, drought, drought, at which point he brought me back into an awake state. It was the strangest and most beautiful feeling just being suspended and happy,truly happy with no wants or needs, it was like glimpsing eternity. I could see but was not aware of a body. Later he said that we had eternal souls and that I had seen that soul, and that this was likely to be my first incarnation on earth. I was trying to find out more info when I came across your site and thought I’d share this. If theres any more you know I would be glad to find out.

  37. Do you have a book recommendation that gives all the groups…Earth and Star, with characteristics that each group displays?

  38. Hello,

    I’ve always had the feeling that this world isn’t quite what it seems.When I was a kid,I’ve had several occasions which I couldn’t understand.My youth was quite hard(my father had only 1 leg due to an accident and his “phantom pains” made him an alcoholic),so I had to grow up very early.

    A lot of people started telling me that I’m older in my mind,than my actual age,which isn’t a surprise for me…I’ve always felt this way.

    At the age of 16 I started to learn a lot of spirituality.In my life,I’ve encountered “things” that I couldn’t explain.I came into contact with a friend’s parents.They are very active as lightworkers.They explained a lot.Time passed by without going deeper into this until my father died in2008 at the age of 45.I’ve read a book which explained many things like,starpeople,cities of lights,11:11,…
    I also try to focus on positive things,I ground myself on a daily base.I’m making progress but I don’t quite understand what they mean with “connecting to … ”
    My friend’s parents haven’t answered me when I asked them the same question.Is this not the right time or so?

    P.S.:English isn’t my native language but I hope someone will try to understand me 😉

    In love and light

  39. Ok,I’m sorry about last post Anna(and all viewers)…I didn’t know your site was this helpfull :-o.I actually came here to find out more about soulgroups and their origins,but besides that,I’ve learned so much more just by “hanging around here” ;-).

    I send peace,love and light toward you for helping “us” in this big phase of our world:-).

    Yours sincerely

  40. Hi Nick, Welcome to the blog! Glad you are enjoying it.

  41. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for some interesting reading, following this thread. Maybe I missed the answer for my question, but I wonder where I can find more facts/info about Blueprint Changers? I just found out today that I am one. Perhaps they aren’t included in any books yet, what do you think Anna?
    Are there any Changers out there :-)?


  42. hi anna can you please write an article on blueprinters? I just found out that i am a blueprint designer by a student who took your course and it seems that there is very little information on us. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  43. Hi Lauren,

    Actually everything I know about the soul groups was passed on to my students in the Professional Intuitive Training program: http://www.annasayce.com/the-professional-intuitive-training-certification-program

    So I probably won’t be able to tell you more than what you were told in the reading.

    Unfortunately, unlike other soul groups, there’s not a lot of info on the BP designers.

  44. Hi Anna I work on a mall and yesterday some random man told me that I’m from the pleiades,It was very weird I just feel so happy. I always wanted something like hat happened to me but never did until yesterday.Sometimes I feel a huge desire of being kind to everybody at times it’s overwhelming.I feel like nobody understands this love-like thing that i have inside.I started to read about souls 2 years ago after my grandma passed out and realize that as a child and a teen sometimes I feel out of place I will aprecciate if you could give me some answer to this.

  45. Hi Anna,

    Do you get many Arcturians who come to you for readings? I’ve been delving into the whole starseed or lightworker thing lately and, while still confused am starting to understand it all better and myself better My partner is a very homesick Plaedian, and driven to understand him, myself and our relationship better has been the spark of most of my reading. I identify with Arcturus, but there don’t seem to be many out there.


  46. Hi Anna, I just stumbled across your site this evening and finding it very interesting. I’ve been into communicating with the afterlife and have had some premonitions of my own. Reading your site seems to be taking me to another level of understanding. All my life I’ve always felt different from everyone. I remember when I was little I used to say to some people that I’m from Venus (I was very shy most the time). I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong here and how there has to be a better way of life. I’ve felt a strong connections with several people in my life but most of them seem to be aliens to me. I’ll feel a different vibe and not want to be around them. Sometimes I feel on a deeper level like this is my first time here on Earth. There has only been several people where I’ve felt like I’ve known them before and maybe it’s those several that I’ve felt the strong connections with. I’d be interested to find out more about this subject. Thank you. ~KC

  47. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the interesting article. I was surprised to see you recommending Barbara HandClow’s book, as anytime I have scanned the energy of it, it shows up as dark, as in perhaps not completely true or authentic information. Marciniak is a brighter source of information on the Pileadians, from my vision. (And I have actually read them.) Since you haven’t, I thought you might like to know. Check it out! 🙂

  48. I received my first soul clearing in 2001. It was certainly very life changing. My journey with this has been intense. After many years of having the first clearing/reading I felt guided to do some more seeking to put the puzzle pieces together. 10 years later I received a series of subsequent readings (within a 6 month period) from Susan Shier, Arlen Bock, and Vanessa Rahlston. My reading with Vanessa really “brought it all home” for me – in terms of getting the clarity of the puzzle pieces together. I was identified as Hadarian by 3 out of 4 readings. The first was Hadarian only, the second was Hadarian w Mintakan and Blueprint Deliverer, the third was Mintakan, and the last was Blueprint Originator and Hadarian. Nobody was able to identify me clearly as a Blueprint Originator except Vanessa. I did a powerful workshop with her and know that she is gifted medium and lovely person of integrity. My inner guidance really came into resonance with that reading. The Hadarian piece always resonated but I knew something major was also off. Everyone got a different AA realm. Then I learned the Blueprint Originators are a bit different to other groups in that they use whichever AA realm is best suited for them at the time their destiny mission begins. What I found fascinating but also disappointing is the discrepancies in various readings and what I saw as ego interference and projection through some readers. I realized it isn’t easy to access pure information direct from the akashic records without any interference of ego. I learned that simply dowsing can lead ppl down the wrong path of ego validating information that is far removed from Creator truth in the akashic record space. I also learned when the ego agenda is stronger than the purity of intent – that can colour a reading. Luckily, I did get the big picture understanding I was seeking. Yet, I still have questions that I am not entirely sure are meant to be answered by another human. 🙂

  49. For Skye Phoenix,
    It is not very much about the Ego of readers but accessing the information in your Akashic Records that in the now that matters. You are energy and you are also evolving in the now and all experiences and incarnations and happen all at the same time. Your records are within your DNA cellular Pattern if any reader will can pick your energy is read from the NOW according to your energy. It is what you project out. Also readings and accessing the Akashic records pertains to the Earth records of knowledge for all souls start here and traces back to the nearest star systems or universes your came from. Readers will not make up on their own or ego not much about it, purely what you project out. If you readings is about a decade back you can learn to drowsing or do the muscle testing yourself to affirm your star seed heritage and also find out about your soul path, lessons, contracts and divinity for your incarnation here. If you truly connected to your Soul and your group of spirit guides you wouldnt be unsure of your heritage and star seed heritage by now. Get connected to the richness heritage of your Soul gifts since your clearing had been done so long ago. I speaking from the perspectives of a Parallel and a very old Soul too. I am from the Parallel Universes. Of course Anna’s perspectives will be different as she is a Sirian but we much also honour her heritage and soul gifts as a reader:) Truly all there’s it.

    All my records were read by the same readers.

  50. This was very intresting to read. I have felt like I somehow didn’t belong with the others for as long as I can remember. A few days ago I was told that I was from the Pleiades and that I had a strong starseed/starchild energy/vibrance coming from me. I have always bin interested in such information, but I need to know more before I can be sure and believe it without doubt. I read about the Pleiadens on another site, and some parts fit me, but the personality described there felt a little to easy/simple or calm (not sure how to explain it) to fit me a hundred percent. Then when I read your post here about Pleiadens and how their energies are fiercy and dynamic I felt like this could be me after all. 🙂 It will be fun to find out more, and get a reading on this in the nearest future <3 Thank you.

  51. Wow Anna, thank you so much for this…

    I’m very glad you were part of my path to full awareness. I am absolutely for certain now that I am from the Pleiades constellation as my guide(s) have revealed this to me quite a few times already being lead straight here to have the confirmation.

    What’s more is that I always was revered as important and even praised/honored greatly by them (my guides and other watchers/angels) even as a child. I of course questioned this for a while as most likely delusions of grandeur or something, but as I became much more aware recently, there is no mistake about it. According to my guides and other’s I communicate with… they confirm this verbally but never reveal the full scope, just highly respect me, etc. Whoever I was/am there, apparently I was/am of great political or hierarchical importance. I feel great deal in me concerning this, like how I can’t practice my authority naturally to accomplish changes at the speed they should be accomplished, etc, etc. I’ve always viewed myself as a King, but I guess more needs to be revealed to confirm who I was/am exactly.

    All the disappointments with this planet are very evident in me throughout my life here… it simply saddens me that people could be so lost and fight to stay so enslaved with every fiber of their being, frustrating too.

    I was born ‘awake’ and have had some cool interventions while growing up. Looking forward soon to going to the place they are calling me to for the Great Change. It will be great and I hope to visit my home of Pleiades once again. For some reason, I’m also looking forward to visit those in the o so important galaxy of Andromeda whom I miss also.

    Love, peace, blessings from above,

  52. I read your above article and it really resonated with me. I have had countless dreams where I am on another planet somewhere and that it had 3 moons. I can tell you that I always tell people that I can honestly say that I have never felt comfortable in my own skin.. just a feeling of “never being whole” I don’t know if that makes any sense. I find that no matter what I do, it seems harder and more complicated than it needs to be. I don’t like people in general, I love the company of animals and they are drawn to me. I find that people are dishonest, love drama and idle chit chat…which doesn’t interest me in the least. I find the governments to be war-like, corrupt and abusive to their people. As a planet with so much beauty…people have a knack for screwing it up. I joke with my niece that I would be the perfect person to send to Mars…I don’t get “bored” as long as I have books to read…I don’t need the company of anyone. I am perfectly fine alone. Not that I have never had relationships with men because I have…but I find men too needy and insecure in general….or too much baggage…etc. I have good relationships with all my family members, although some of the things they do just make me shake my head.. I am fairly easy going and accepting of people. On another tangent I started seeing orbs and other phenomena about 5 years ago. At first I was so freaked out by it…not just seeing them, but having them hone in on me..big beautiful orbs that come right next to my face at night – there are some big ones and small ones that chase each other around.. and the only way I can describe them inside is like when rain falls on an oil slick..just multicolored and undulating and amazing colors that I have never seen before..with sparkles of light in them..and when they come close to me..they give off an energy that makes you just laugh with happiness. I have tried to speak with them or try to get them to explain what they are..but I have no input to them nor they to me..although I think I must be seeing them for some reason, I have no idea what it may be..it just happened on the 1st of November 5 years ago..I remember the day clearly.
    Well, I am sure I have probably bored you with all the above..lol, and I all I can ask of you and your readership to give me a bit of insight as to why I am as I am. Thanks for listening!

  53. Newbie, while I’d prefer not to step on anyone’s toes, something about you suggest “Pleiades” — not as an origin, but a stop along your journey. There’s a bit of something… much further away hiding behind that.

  54. Zach,
    Thank-you for answering. I don’t know much about it, aside from what I finally read in the posts above. I saw that you had posted kind of an enigmatic post. I can sense that you have had some extraordinary experiences and I would really like to know more..if you wouldn’t mind of course 🙂 I think you know an awful lot more than you’re saying…just my feeling, of course.

  55. Do tell about the “Indigos” what group are we from?

  56. I’m from the Pleiades and proud of it. I sense my past lives but i don’t necessarily remember them i can just feel them (my favorite subject to talk about!) I know another pleiadian I think my father was from pvila. I now other starseeds but unsure of their origin.

  57. Hello Anna Sayce!
    I have been looking though your website for the past several months and I am fascinated by everything you’ve written down! I’ve always been attracted to anything having to do with intuition, especially when I had a time in my life when I did have high clairvoyance and claircognizance until I shut it down (I am bringing them up again!).
    I recently looked up what you said about the Akashic Record. You said that there are 22 soul groups and I was wondering how I can identify mine. I’ve looked through the internet, but there’s no list or anything and I can’t get a Akashic Reading because I don’t have my own money and I’m still living with my parents, who I do not think will support this. I might get a reading when I move out in two or three years, but until then, I just wanted to see if I can find out on my own. Do you have any suggestions? I’m still a beginner, so I don’t have strong psychic abilities, but any help would be great!
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear an answer!

  58. I am being lead and identifying with Sirian souls. Recently I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship with a sociopath/narcissist. When the mask was on he seemed like the most beautiful person. When I saw through the mask and it slipped…oh boy. He would tell what seemed like some truth because he had nothing to lose anymore with me. He told me he was a drifter, not from here’ not knowing why he finds himself in certain situations. He admited he was empty and did not love. I saw his aggressive side. I watched him move fast and move in with a new woman. So much was said between us within two months while we lived together but no longer together. He felt like an alien and said he didn’t know what he was suppose to learn with our time together. He said maybe you will look back and think this guy was here and it was kind of weird and you will forget about it.

  59. I was told that I am of Mecurian (looking for info on this) and specifically Mintakan origin, the other day. Now looking for more info on that which is how I ended up here 🙂

  60. I have a deep sense of being from the stars. I never fit in with my family of origin, they are intelligent people but their interests either bore or repel me (and vice versa, I imagine). As a child I was fascinated with space travel. Yet I also wonder if it’s possible to be a star seed but have incarnated on Earth more than once? As a child I also had deep fascination for Japan, read whatever books were available to me, and then a catastrophic event in my life separated me from my curiosity and eagerness to learn. Happily though, I picked up the thread in my late 30’s. As a university student I signed up for a special trip to Hiroshima, visiting Peace Memorial Park and listening to a survivor tell her story. I felt compelled to go, and while there, sensed on some level that it was no accident. The following year I received a B.A. in Japanese language and culture. I was 47 years old. If I have any clarity, how we leave this life is as important as, of course, how we live it. My soul level theory: my previous Earth incarnation was in Hiroshima, Japan, and I was killed there as a result of the A-bomb. I was not one of those instantly vaporized; there was great suffering and fear before death. I read about vibrational soul energy, and how similar frequencies draw others. Neither of my parents have a spiritual life. Long before I was born they had fallen prey to fear, addiction and dysfunction as a way of life – they were born into poverty and shame, also survived the Depression and war rationing. These things feel correct to me. Thank you for your writings. I will keep reading, learning, and hopefully drawing my own conclusions.

  61. Although my Awakening to who I am and why I’m here began several years ago, it began in earnest on the day of the solar eclipse, April 28, 2014. Certain events in my life triggered a massive inquisition on my part into trying to make sense of what was happening. I read bits and pieces on a wide array of topics and in September I stumbled across the concept of Spirit Guides. I wasn’t too sure about that, but in my heart I wanted to believe I wasn’t alone. On September 15, 2014, I read an article about star seeds and immediately resonated to a Plieadean origin. It seemed so bizarre but since I had begun to open my mind and trust my intuition I was ready to add this concept to my burgeoning understanding of Truth. Right after reading about this I was driving to work and in my mind I asked, “am I really a star seed come to earth for a special purpose? Did I choose this for a reason?” As I asked this question my eyes fell on the license plate in front of me and to my amazement it read “SENDME2”. Is this really an answer to my question? I asked. The car pulled forward and my eyes were drawn to the license plate of the car next to it which had just come into view. “777”! I had just read about number messages from Spirt Guides and that this meant “you’re right on track with this, keep on going!” So I asked, send me to what? Immediately a car pulled in front of me with the license plate that read “UNITE”. I was blown away. Overwhelmed by the idea that Spirit Guides were real, that I wasn’t alone, and that I’d come for a purpose, I continued on toward work, crying in amazement. Still unsure if I was going crazy or if this was real I was asking in my mind, is this for real? When I pulled into the parking lot, and there before my eyes was a car with a plate that read “REAL8”, indeed it’s real, relate to it! I pulled myself together enough to finish my day at work but as I was leaving and contemplating this again, still unsure if I could believe it or not, I was asking in my mind, while lowering my window shade, do I really have Spirit Guides who sent me these license plate messages today? There, parked in front of my office was a car with a plate that read, “WEMADIT”. From that point on my progress in Awakening kicked into warp speed. I’ve come to find out that indeed I am a star seed from the Pleiades, having incarnated on Earth for only 13 lifetimes, compared to 100’s of lifetimes in the Pleiades and elsewhere as I am a true traveling soul. I have come to Earth at this time for a special purpose, along with my 8-year-old daughter who has been a soul traveler with me many times. Thanks for writing this article, it has been a great re-confirmation of what I know is in my heart to be true.

  62. I have come to find a little more clues into finding your “clan”…. look for those that tend to have stars in their tattoo artwork somewhere. I meet a lot of star children who just so happen to have stars somewhere in their tattoo art, unknowingly put there. I have a friend who is VERY Earthy… her tattoos are all “organic,” NO star. She likes Earthy-type activities, like yard work…. warm colors over cool, dark and cool house as opposed to my hot and bright house! My energy, I know, can be too intense for her at times as she backs off from me and becomes aloof, but I know it’s just me. I am too intense for most people, so that’s why I feel alone and like I don’t fit in. I also don’t want to scare people off with my energy, but also know after 44 years that I MUST be true to myself and not dumb myself down for the sake of companionship. Be strong star kids, this planet is definitely a challenge for us.

  63. P.S. One more thing I forgot to add…. meditate on this star children: “STARS CAN’T SHINE WITHOUT DARKNESS” I have had to learn to “evil it up” a bit in my life in order to protect myself… Lots of parasites, energy-sucking vampires and walking dead-empty soul zombies walking amongst us.

  64. Hello, just gazing thru and doing some research of my own. I am intrigued by all the different theories, beliefs, and readings available on this subject and it varies as much as its vastness…much like space, that too is information. We are developing into a more advanced civilization with a wide array of interests available for read upon this circuitry of information called the internet. Knowledge is power…without spiritualty and common humanity of kindness, knowledge can cause adverse affects, (funny beliefs I have). I don’t feel I belong exactly here but when tuned into a positive energy and promoting one, I do feel a connection that only feeling it could decribe. Like does attract like…but teachers are much better. Energy is universal, no matter orgin, in ways wr are all capable of much more…my opinion.

  65. Hi,
    I’ve been told I’m a Mission Realmer but there is very little on the Internet about them–I was told little except they are ‘close to the angelic realm’ and don’t have any star of origin. One Internet source says they are different from Earth Angels. Can you clarify that? And does any book deal with Mission Realmers?

  66. This is the second site I’ve seen that’s said its mostly Blueprinters that resonate with the writer’s their spiritual work! And I’ve most definitely found your articles useful, and the way you approach and explain things resonates with me. Same with the other site, too. Interesting…

  67. HI there. My name is Nick. Different people not connected tell me I have been here before on earth but also other planets and that I come from pleiades. Ever since I was a child I have felt a strange long lost loving feeling when looking at the night sky, especially when it is clear it is actually quite depressing because I have never felt connected to anything or anyone on Earth.

  68. I have remembered that I am from Sirius, ironically now that I know, everything fall into place. I have struggled to remember until I have started to uncover my path and history via Akashic readings. First, via the help of a very talented, amazing soul, who jolted my memories..then I began the journey of my own to read my own records. By synchronicity and serendipities, the past history has unfolded before me and all my story began to make sense. I am also a twin flame, we both had heavy karma to overcome, not with one another but others. We both have some major guilt since Atlantis. In my case it manifests by literally flooding every house I live in, ever since I am physically in my sad karmic relationship in this current lifetime. I have had karma to overcome with him, obviously, and a very long and complicated human history together. I am ready to move on from this after aeons of being bound together. I am working towards shifting into happy twin flame reunion with my Beloved Other Half. We want to serve humankind and Terra together before returning to our soul home.

  69. I am 99% sure I’m from somewhere in Orions belt. I have been very home sick for it since I was born here and am very happy I’m in my last incarnation here. Every clear night as a child I’d stare up at Orions Belt longing for it. I’d wait for them to “take me home”.
    I know I have many years left here, but now at 38 I’ve returned to that restless child and am having re occurring dreams of not being able “to find home”.

  70. I have a soulreading, telling me, I am from Vega. I have travelled to Orion and Pleadians. I have not any rememberance of this. But I believe its true.

  71. Hi, I recently found out that in my past life my name was spica and I lived there.
    I would like to know more about soul groups and which one I belong to.

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